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Audio Recorder

The AR-3000R offers the highest sound quality and most flexible control options on the market today.

The AR-3000R Audio Recorder is a one rack space digital audio recorder/player designed for any application requiring high fidelity pre-recorded announcements. The AR-3000R offers extensive editing, programming and recording control via its front panel. It is also the master in any multi-channel playback AR system and is used as the sync master when locking to external time code. The AR-3000R offers extensive control over all of its playback functions. It also has a microphone input for onsite message recording.


Theme parks, museums, elevators, airports, buses, trains and trams are just some of the installations that can benefit from the AR-3000R’s high quality, up to 260 hours of recording time. The AR-3000R has been used for educational narratives, background music, safety and warning messages, public transportation addresses, directional messages, broadcast station ID’s, news and sports intros, applause and laugh tracks, and any number of applications where instantaneous or continuous message playback is required.


Industry standard in sound quality and long recording times

The AR-3000R is the industry standard in high quality sound with up to 48 kHz, 24 bit linear recording and playback. Users can select from 48kHz, 44.1 kHz, 32 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 16 kHz and 8 kHz sampling rates. For longer recording times the AR-3000R also provides the latest Roland Digital Audio Coding (RDAC) technology, which requires less memory with virtually no loss of sound quality and up to 260 hours of recorded audio. Two Compact Flash Card slots are built into the front panel. Up to 1000 phrases can be stored on each card for a total of 2,000 available phrases and the reliability of no moving parts.